Learn and build the skills for the future you want (profession & private)

To kick-start your career you know you must start somewhere - but often it is hard to know how to move into the right direction. Especially in these uncertain times with the looming economics crisis the path to a successful career seems far away, confusing and simply too hard.

The Career-Kicker series offers you a proven and structured way forward. It´s purpose is to equip you with a toolbox for maximum success in an uncertain times. Starting or maintaining your career in a challenging times will not only build your confidence but will boost your income substantially over decades to come.

My workshops are not "canned video" series or "e-reading" but life interactive workshop in a small group of learners. With this tailored style you can adapt the content to your specific needs, uncover your motivators and align to your priorities.

I developed the workshop series so I can offer students and career starters my proven human capital advisory and coaching in a timely and cost effective way. Most content and interventions I use in my 1:1 executive advisory or corporate workshops and I want to make them available to a broader audience. 

When I was graudating Oxford University in the 2009 financial crisis I was completely unprepared for the job market. If anything graduating from an elite university gave me the false belief that "recruiters would be just waiting to hire me". But seeing my first 20 applications being rejected without comment I quickly realized much must change. It took me months to figure out the "how" of effective cover letter and CV writing and the tricks of effective interviews. Most importantly unprepared for mental stress and uncertainty I experience. In short I was missing an effective and brief preparation from someone who actually did it (and did not get a job in the boom times).

But you do not have to go through the same struggle. I am here to help. I managed to get a pristigous graduate trainee program at McKinsey as a graduate, then a consultancy position at Roland Berger Strategy consultant in Zurich and finally moved to become the global Vice President for Human Resource Strategy at a Fortune 500 company. Being the youngest member in extended group leadership team trained me further to see the DOs and DON´Ts as a young professional bu also showed me the thinking of recruiters from the inside.

Now I want to share this knowledge with you. My advisory and coaching has changed several companies and their employees. Discover the series I offer. At some point this crisis will pass and you can decide now if you will just move along or move forward.