ire of Creativity! How do we spark it? Why are some of us more able to keep it burning? What can managers and leaders do for their teams to become creative? When does my team boost or extinguish my potential? What actually is this thing we call creativity?

Those questions fascinate me. My doctoral research investigates what underlies the creative process. 

My research is academic, but its goal is to provide value for business executives. Here I build on several years work experience in strategy consulting and in corporate as a former HR VP

My aim is to build a bridge into your  business world as I translate findings into practical tools for you as a manager.

For example with my co-authors we recently published in the human relations journal (FT 45) a new framework to understand team diversity. In our study there was clear evidence for the tools that work for diversity and the ones that harm business performance. 

Those tools center around the individual. Because our unique personality, our dreams and the way we think sparks the color of our novel ideas. Then the interactions with others will lighten or dim this creative fire.




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o not let your fire go out!


guides my research as professor (tenure track) at at one of Spain's leading institutions the University Carlos III in Madrid. It goes back to the fundamental question of Why we are motivated in the workplace the way we are. Findings answer of How we together with others create, thrive and adapt in this fast changing world fascinates me. 


I grew up in six different countries and experienced first-hand how our unique perspectives can spark our creative fire. But, when I started my research at Oxford University, I realized that we do not know yet why different people become creative and thrive. Also the 'real world' did not provide answer. When I started my career in strategy consulting I saw that many of us want to be creative. We can see that some teams or managers light this creative fire while others extinguish it. At the same time we miss guidance on what to do and how we adapt best to constant change.

I am convinced that only research with practical value can actually cause a change. Here I advise leaders at multinational companies on how to light their fire of human capital. My aim is to use real science to make an impact. As partners we create a toolkit that fits to the needs of their workplace. To unique individuals and not the average workers.





Advising Executives on difficult Human Capital topics is at the core of my expertise. Together we create strategies that fit to the complex demands of your workforce.


Workshops and training seminars are  powerful to engage your teams into change agents. In interactive session we get to the core your workforce challenges.


What are the coming trends of the future of work? How can we prepare? Which biases do we hold? In speaking I aim to open new perspectives.


Get unstuck. Take charge of your life's work and create success that lasts. My professional coaching uses scientific methods that work.



uman Capital is a the core of my expertise. I combine external industry trends with my profound academic knowledge.

I regularly build and share my knowledge at global conferences, such as the Academy of Management


The clients I advice are executives and senior executives at global multinationals. They seek honest and sometimes uncomfortable expert knowledge. Together we make sense of complex Human Capital topics so THEY make an educated decision on Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Strategic Human Resources and Talent.


My workshops and speaking engagements aim to spark the fire of critical thinking. Participants are challenged to question their own deep held beliefs of 'how things should be'. I want to empower my listeners so they influence their workplace and community. They become change agents for several topics such as 'breaking unconscious bias', 'the talent obsession' and 'generation myths'.





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